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Artist, Designer, Writer


My name is Michon and I'm from Maryland! I am an Artist, Designer, and Writer. My Space Bears are my current obsession, but I create other things too. Click on PORTFOLIO to see my other works. Wanna see a glimpse into my mind? Click on PINTEREST or INSTAGRAM to see what inspires me and even some clues on what I'm working on next. 

In college I took a textile design course where I designed motifs and digitally printed them on fabric. For the final project of that course I chose to make Teddy Bears out of the fabric I designed. While listening to the song above, I gave them antennas, filled them with jingle bells and named them Intergalactic Space Bears. Over the past few years, this project has grown into an exciting adventure and learning experience. 

Brought into existence on their home planet, Pluto, they travel through the universe looking for fun and adventure. Their quirky smile and big eyes suggest they’ve seen things out there in the vast vacuum of space. Looking to Adopt a Space Bear? Click ADOPT A BEAR at the top of the page and see whose ready for a new adventure or purchase an original bear portrait.

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